Yi-Hsien Lee and Associates is an award- winning architectural photography studio, based in Taichung, Taiwan. We have two professional photographer: Yi-Hsien Lee and Tzu-Chin Yu for proving amazing images to client.

Yi-Hsien Lee started to show his passion in photography when he was 20 years old, at the beginning, he was a street photographer, with his naturally observant, the photos show the unique and different vision.


In 2015, Yi-Hsien Lee went to London to be an interior photographer, at that time, he started to training the skill of architectural and interior photo shooting by himself. while working in London, his skills of shooting was getting higher and using his naturally observant to catch different angles, which made his photography so unique. Not only unique, he also focused on capturing buildings as close as it looks. It has became one of the signature of his works.


After working in London for 2 years, he decided to go back in Taiwan and set up a architectural photography studio, now he has worked with many Taiwan architectural firms and interior studios, also, he has been worked with Mecanoo architecten, which founded in Delft, Netherlands, for shooting their projects in Taiwan over 1 year.

Tzu-Chin Yu has been joined studio around 1 year, before architectural photography, he was shooting theatre for over 5 years, his good sense of colour tuning and the skill of photo shooting amazed everyone and received many international photography awards, after theatre shooting experience, he found the passion of architectural photography and started to work with Yi-Hsien Lee, so far, they have done many incredible projects together such as Weiwuying (National Kaohsiung centre for the arts), National Theatre and Concert Hall in Taipei.

The aim of Yi-Hsien Lee and Associates is to provide architecture and interior images not only in high quality and unique perspective, but also shows the shape of original design. Through Yi-Hsien Lee's unique angle of shooting and Tzu-Chin Yu's good sense of colour tuning, together, they create different level of architectural and interior photography.


Yi-Hsien Lee and associates